100% Scholarship

As the WCIEC team we understand the efforts of parents to make a decision to send their “Aankho ka tara” to us. So it’s our responsibility to acknowledge the hard work of the students.

One of the ways is we appreciate our students when they perform excellence in their academics and others who perform excellent interdisciplinary actions.

MCI Classes

MCI FOUNDATION COURSE for students studying our respective Universities is available for  MCI examination in India. This course focus on covering the whole syllabus over a 5 years of time while they are pursuing their MBBS and teaching covering all subjects, which lays the right amount of focus on what actually we are required to know before the exams. The classes are conducted on scheduling in association with some of the finest MCI Teachers from India and the duration of classes of 5 – 6 hours, Undoubtedly our students have outshined in every year with the help of the right guidance.