Tip 1: Prepare a proper study plan

    • Make sure before starting with the preparation, a proper time table is planned.
    • The time table is practical wherein, equal time is set for each section. 
    • Make proper topic wise shorthand notes for revising.
    • Focus on marks obtaining topics.

Tip 2: Analyze the syllabus carefully

    • It is important for the candidates to check the syllabus properly.
    • The syllabus states the important chapters and topics of the exam.
    • It should be observed cautiously with a hawk eye.

Tip 3: Pick the best study material

    • There are ample books available for the test.
    • It is your duty to pick and select good and trustworthy study material wherein, the concepts are clearly stated and you find the language of the book/material easy to understand.

Tip 4: Practice Mock Test and sample paper

    • Practising the mock test is beneficial as it enlists the pattern of how the exam is conducted. 
    • Also, search the sample papers and make the most of the practice from them.

Tip 5: Watch YouTube Video Tutorials

    • If any concept is not understood properly go to YouTube and watch those concept videos.
    • Make sure you select that video which has concepts clearly stated in them.

Tip 6: Understand the Concepts

    • Rather than mugging up the concepts, it is important to understand the concepts.
    • Always try to understand the logic behind some problem or equation.

Tip 7: Focus on Health too

    • As it is said, that “health is wealth” so make sure your health is not neglected at the time of preparation.
    • Get proper sleep, physical workouts, get the proper food and take enough breaks in between.

Tip 8: Convert your weaknesses into strengths

    • Seek the help of a teacher or a mentor or any who is expert in that particular topic. 
    • Usually, the problem lies in grasping the concepts.
    • Continuous practice is the major key.

Tip 9: Revision 

    • Continuous revision is the key to your success.
    • Make sure you revise the earlier studied concepts as well as new concepts time and again till the day of examination.

Along with this, I am sharing some predictions regarding the module and level of NEET 2020 exam.


    1. Chances of very high competition, as it is known that AIIMS and JIPMER are included in NEET.
    2. Strictly NCERT based.
    3. Assertion-Reason questions of the AIIMS level type.
    4. General Science type questions ( e.g. who conducted the world`s first heart transplant surgery ).
    5. Biometric systems may be introduced.