In a fast-paced world, where people are reaching heights, we still cling to our comfort zone and don’t usually want to take a bold step of moving to some unknown place. A lot of people think twice before taking this step, but once taken it could prove to be one of the most enchanting experiences of your life, all you need to do is push your boundaries and take a decision. It not just boosts your career but also gives your personality a competitive edge. While there are many benefits of studying abroad like quality education, better research opportunities, making a good network, etc, there are many myths and misconceptions that surround the topic of studying abroad. Due to these myths, thousands of dreams are shattered every year as the students step back and stop trying to get into top foreign universities to complete their higher education.

If studying abroad is on your bucket list too but your mind is clouded with the myths, we help you bust them and bring to you the real facts so that you don’t have to give up on your dreams to study abroad.

Myth 1:- It’s all about having Fun

Fact- Studying abroad requires a lot of efforts and hard work, you get a lot of projects, assignments to complete on weekends, also regular attendance is an important tool while studying abroad.

No doubt, you get to engage in other activities to refresh yourself, but it is all a part of it. You will have to keep putting in efforts to complete your course and gain credits in the university.

Myth 2:- Racism and Bullying are a part of the survival

Fact- People abroad are not as difficult to deal with as they seem to be, Kyrgyzstan welcomes Indian students heartwarmingly, and no discrimination is made against Indian Students. The University and professors are also careful about any such incident and ensure that no student has to go through such a terrifying experience. In case something like this comes up, it is addressed with full responsibility and sincerity.

Myth 3:- Fear of Acceptance

Fact- It’s time to bust the myth that only students with good grades get selected in foreign universities, there are many more criteria that are considered before accepting you as a suitable candidate. If the fear of acceptance is still in your mind, you need to get rid of it before applying for MBBS abroad. Once you are confident about your skills and yourself, there is no looking back.

Myth 4:- Teachers and Peers are not supportive

Fact- If you think this then you are wrong. Students from foreign countries grab more attention from teachers. They offer complete support and can be reached out at any point in time. They help you clear all your doubts and help you introduce all the new rules of the university.
Not only teachers, peers, and your classmates are supportive too. They help you with all sorts of class notes as well as help you visit the city and explore new places, cultures, and languages.

Myth 5:- Lifelong friendships cannot be formed

Fact- But your belief is wrong. Studying in foreign universities provides ample opportunities to make lifelong, true, and reliable friends. Making friends from different culture help you learn a lot of new things and experiences. It also makes you Connect and bond with people and help make long-lasting memories.

Myth 6:- Studying abroad costs a fortune.

Fact- The cost of studying varies from country to country and Kyrgyzstan is one of the few countries with a very affordable fee structure for MBBS. The living costs too is similar compared to any metro cities in India. There are provisions to opt for an education loan as well. 

Myth 7:- It’s not creditable by MCI to study MBBS abroad.

Fact- MBBS from abroad is as creditable by the Medical Council of India (MCI) as that of the MBBS course in India. The MCI maintains the list of the international institutes accredited by it. It’s suggestible for the students/parents/guardians/next of kin to read the list of medical institutes accredited by the MCI. The students having pursued MBBS medicine abroad (MBBS) will receive optimum dignity apart from the preferences by the hospitals. The MBBS holders can also opt to establish & maintain their own clinic/dispensary. 

Myth 8:- It takes super-genius mankind to pursue MBBS abroad.

Fact- First of all, the MBBS degree expects one to devout time & energy. One doesn’t need to be intellectually super powerful to become a doctor abroad. One just needs to plan each step perseveringly & complete the task at the right time. The task done on time can save nine when it comes to MBBS. Several institutes abroad furthermore have adapted modern syllabus in an attempt to stay aloft with the current or probable breakthroughs. 

Myth 9:- Food abroad may emerge as a major hurdle.

Fact- Most of the universities have readied their campuses to conveniently accommodate the changeable requirements of international students. It apparently won’t be a hurdle to get one’s favorite food abroad as most of the universities have Indian mess facilities in the campus itself. Along with that one can find numerous Indian cafes and restaurants in the vicinity. 

Myth 10:- The safety concerns tend to alarm the MBBS students abroad.

Fact- All the Universities abroad take sincere efforts to build up & maintain seamless academic functionality. Nobody hopefully is unaware of the fact anymore that 99% of the institutes all over the world maintain CCTV cameras to dissuade the chances of malfunctions/misdemeanors. The institutes tend to severely deal with the one who threatens the decorum/code of conduct of the university/institute. All the institutes have already consolidated the medical department in their campus/hostel to ensure aesthetic healthcare throughout the tenure of the course.

Myth 11:- Language is a barrier abroad.

Fact- This is the most erroneous belief. It’s logically impossible to run a setup or institute without mandating English as a prevalent language. All the institutes run conveniently in English. English is the medium of instruction in all Universities of Kyrgyzstan.

Myth 12:- Always prefer a 6-year medical degree for over 5 years because it is more credible.

Fact- 6-year degree is neither MBBS nor MD. It is BSMD which includes 2 years of the basic theory of science and 3 years of medical theory and 1 year practical. While a 5-year degree is MBBS in India/Abroad or MD which dedicated complete 4 years for studying medical curriculum and 1 year for practicals. 

Thus any day 5-year degree is better than a 6-year degree.

Myth 13:- Clinical experience is the same in every country.

Fact- With the change in geographical location, climate, and its associated medical issues change as well. So it is very important to choose a country that is nearby to your homeland. As then your Clinical experience will be very much similar and help you in developing good skills for future practice.


Reputable medical colleges all over the world are highly disciplinary. Many reputable institutes are accredited by UNESCO, WHO, MCI, FAIMER, ECFMG, etc. Most of the employers/hospitals/healthcare firms/pharmaceuticals lay considerable emphasis on the students pursuing a course in the recognized universities. 

The people willing to see their son/daughter being employed in India should give prime consideration to the Universities accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The students/parents should overlook all the rumors/grapevine about studying MBBS medicine abroad.