On a brief note, it is significant to understand that there is nowhere in the world which is 100% completely safe or there is a place which is entirely free from detrimental activities. However, the foreigners/ globetrotters those who are paying a visit to different nations should exercise some of the basic precautions such as being vigilant while boarding public transits, use of taxis and passenger vehicles which are plying officially, be cautious while moving in crowds, carrying valuables under a wrap, and doing some homework before leaving for a new place such as reading out government travel advisories, noting down the places which are under the influence of political and civil unrest etc. Around the world there are countries and places which pose a threat to mankind, especially to the feminine gender, dragging them as a victim of petty crime to violent ones. As far as the country Kyrgyzstan is concerned which is situated in Central Asia is a democratic republic entity and it has attained the political as well as social stability (Report link: https://www.theglobaleconomy.com/Kyrgyzstan/wb_political_stability). The laws of this land for women safety are far better than other former Soviet Union countries. The rankings of this country on gender inequality index and gender gap index published by United Nations Women under the Global Database on violence against women (2016) (Report link: https://evaw-global-database.unwomen.org/en/countries/asia/kyrgyzstan#6) indicates that generally, women enjoy the same rights as that of the men under the judicial system, with some exceptions. Hence the women are treated most respectfully in this country. The women are especially given quotas in the education and health and social services sector for employment. The principles of equality have been implanted in the Kyrgyz Republic Constitution and in the Gender Equality Law. The country’s civil, penal, labour, and family codes also carry provisions that promise the equal rights of women and men. Gender equality principles have been incorporated in the National Strategy for Sustainable Development (2013 – 2017), and in the National Strategy on Achieving Gender Equality (2012 – 2020).

So you can understand from the above information that the people here are mostly open with men, but at the same time, they are most humble to women. Even the Women’s Day in this country is celebrated with great splendour and joy. For the foreigners, the Kyrgyz people are quite neighbourly and sociable. They are now very well acquainted with numerous Indian students who are studying MBBS and with the Indian tourists also. The girl students who are pursuing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan mainly enjoy good safety at the Hostels. The female wardens and the lady doctors are always engaged in providing best comfort to the MBBS students in terms of safety of health and security, that too, 24 – hours around the clock. The hostels of the medical universities and the institutions are considered as mini India for the girls. All the daily needs, the platform for sports and games, laundromats etc. are furnished inside the boundary of the medical universities and institutions campuses only. As far as the cities of Kyrgyzstan are considered they are safe to stroll. It comes with that level of safety which can be found in Canada, Norway, Sweden and Singapore. Lastly not only for the girls, but for everyone it is essential to bring-to-mind that Bishkek city, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, and Osh, Karakol cities are almost beautiful in their presence, but one has to be alert with the safety of the personal belongings, as the crime rates are very low in these big cities but petty crimes such as pick-pocketing have taken place. One can even avoid walking on the lanes of dark streets with no lights to avoid any mishappening. Overall, if some safety measures are employed, the country is quite safer for girls to move and live in.

For further reading, please click on the links below:

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