This blog is for all those who are planning to study MBBS abroad. As you all know, deciding to study abroad requires a series of understanding and it involves a lot of processes which is not possible for an individual to carry on such tasks all by him/herself. 

Here I will be explaining to you about The 11 Point services that we provide to make a smooth gateway for the students who are actually willing to go abroad for studying MBBS. So the different Facilities provided by Kyrgyzstan Admission Center are as follows.

Facilities Provided By Kyrgyzstan Admission Center-

  1. Career Counselling
  • First of all our topmost service is to provide career counseling. 
  • In this, we provide you with the details regarding the courses, ranking of the universities, the popularity of the medical schools, the country, documents required for the visa, and the fee structure.
  • Our comprehensive guidance on MBBS from abroad will enable you to select the right medical school/ institute in Kyrgyzstan, which will best fit your needs and expectations.
  1. Application & Admission Assistance
  • Now if you are happy with the details of the university and want to proceed further. 
  • Then we will assist you in applying to your selected medical school/ institute.
  •  We will help you in obtaining an admission letter from that school/ institute for you”
  • This involves scrutinizing your various educational documents for the admission process. 
  1. Passport Assistance
  • Along with this, we provide passport assistance.
  • In case if you don’t have a passport, then you need not worry because based on the admission letter you can easily get a passport on an emergency basis.
  • We will help you in securing a passport (Tatkal) for you based on the admission letter. 
  1. Arranging Invitation Letter
  • Then comes the invitation letter process.
  • After you have submitted the required seat booking fees and completed all other formalities.  we arrange an invitation letter for you which will serve as the basis for a VISA.
  • We provide you with the invitation letter from the medical university or college which will serve as the basis for obtaining a visa.
  1. Educational Loan Assistance
  • Next, we do assist with education loans also.
  • So you can contact us in case you require a loan. We can furnish you with the details for obtaining a loan with an affordable rate of interest from the leading national banks.
  1. Assistance on Legalization of the Documents
  • Remember that, we take care of all the attestations, translations, and legalization of documents procedures. 
  • This is the most important process to help you in completing your admission process.
  • After completion of all the documentation work on time, we proceed for approval of the VISA. 
  1. 7. Accelerated eVISA Process
  • Next, comes your visa process.
  • We take the utmost attention to help you in securing an educational visa. 
  • This involves a lot of time and hence our quick response helps you in getting a visa within a short duration of time. 
  1. Foreign Exchange Assistance
  • Apart from this we also assist with foreign exchanges.
  • This includes the conversion of Indian rupees to foreign currency.
  • Also, you can directly submit the tuition fees into the account of a medical university or college through our trusted forex centers.
  1. Travel Support
  • We also provide air tickets, pre-departure briefing, and on-arrival assistance for the students.
  • This includes travel guidelines, meeting with other Indian students, obtaining a hostel seat, and SIM cards for communication with your parents and relatives.
  • Our services in this segment give you the ease and comfort of the journey.
  1. MCI Coaching Facility
  • We also arrange MCI coaching for you at the university.
  • I hope that you know about this because, if you want to practice in India then you need to pass the FMGE exam.
  • Hence this support is provided to you as a part of our services for you to help you in passing with good grades in FMGE.
  1. 24X7 Helpline 
  • Lastly, but not least our 24X7 helpline will be open for you all.
  • Whether you are in India or Kyrgyzstan if you want to get your problems solved, our non-stop helpline will always be with you.
  • In Kyrgyzstan, you can avail of this facility in Bishkek, Osh, and Jalal-Abad city.
  • So call us anytime and your queries will be addressed on a real-time basis.

So, dear students, these are The 11 Point services which we provide to you. You must share these with your parents as well. In case of any query or you want to know clearly about these services you can contact us anytime you feel like.