In a fast-paced world, where people are reaching heights, we still cling to our comfort zone and don’t usually want to take a bold step of moving to some unknown place. A lot of people think twice before taking this step, but once taken it could prove to be one of the most enchanting experiences of your life, all you need to do is push your boundaries and take a decision. It not just boosts your career but also gives your personality a competitive edge. While there are many benefits of studying abroad like quality education, better research opportunities, making a good network, etc, there are many myths and misconceptions that surround the topic of studying abroad. Due to these myths, thousands of dreams are shattered every year as the students step back and stop trying to get into top foreign universities to complete their higher education.

If studying abroad is on your bucket list too but your mind is clouded with the myths, we help you bust them and bring to you the real facts so that you don’t have to give up on your dreams to study abroad.

Myth 1:- It’s all about having Fun

Fact- Studying abroad requires a lot of efforts and hard work, you get a lot of projects, assignments to complete on weekends, also regular attendance is an important tool while studying abroad.

No doubt, you get to engage in other activities to refresh yourself, but it is all a part of it. You will have to keep putting in efforts to complete your course and gain credits in the university.

Myth 2:- Racism and Bullying are a part of the survival

Fact- People abroad are not as difficult to deal with as they seem to be, Kyrgyzstan welcomes Indian students heartwarmingly, and no discrimination is made against Indian Students. The University and professors are also careful about any such incident and ensure that no student has to go through such a terrifying experience. In case something like this comes up, it is addressed with full responsibility and sincerity.

Myth 3:- Fear of Acceptance

Fact- It’s time to bust the myth that only students with good grades get selected in foreign universities, there are many more criteria that are considered before accepting you as a suitable candidate. If the fear of acceptance is still in your mind, you need to get rid of it before applying for MBBS abroad. Once you are confident about your skills and yourself, there is no looking back.

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MBBS Admission in Asian Medical Institute

NEXT Exam- Rules, Merits And Demerits- Breakdown

What Is Next ——–> National Exit Test?

    • NEXT, more commonly known as National Exit Examination at MBBS Level, will be an all India level based exam designed to judge the overall knowledge gained and practical understanding developed by MBBS enrolled medical students. 
    • It is expected that NEXT will extensively assess and evaluate the final year MBBS students’ overall skills in terms of regulation of practicing in different fields at the MBBS level.

Purpose of NEXT: An Overview

    • The exit examination- NEXT is supposed to enhance the quality intake of MBBS graduates willing to pursue their medical careers in postgraduate courses.
    • With the substitution of final year MBBS exams, held by respective MBBS universities/colleges, with one common test NEXT.
    • FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) will be merged with NEXT for the Foreign Graduate Degree holders so as to provide them with the license to practice medicine in India post the completion of their MBBS equivalent graduate-level degree.
    • NEXT is proposed to become an examination equivalent to NEET for postgraduate medical courses across India.
    • NEXT for Indian overseas candidates will serve as a screening test instead of the earlier MCI Screening Test.
    • Candidates once clearing their MBBS examination will have to work for 3 years in a rural/tribal area. 

Merits of NEXT

    • Removal of the dearth of medical practitioners. With the implementation of the National Exit Examination, this scarcity of trained and professional doctors can be done away.
    • With the onset of NEXT in the final year MBBS examination, it is believed that uniformity in terms of trained MBBS graduates can be achieved.
    • NEXT will be designed in such a way so as to test both the clinical as well as written attributes needed in an MBBS graduate.
    • NEXT for MBBS will help initiate the practice of skilled and talented doctors willing to render their services in the rural sectors. This will ensure Quality Medical Facilities in rural areas.
    • Putting NEXT for MBBS in practice will only help build an International Framework.

NEXT Demerits

    • A surge of Exploitive Coaching Centres. 
    •  With the onset of NEXT for MBBS in the final year, candidates who would want to seek further studies might prefer to join coachings and classes they feel will enhance their preparation.
    • NEXT might regulate the minimum 3-year service in remote and rural areas post-graduation. What we fear is, doing so might increase the total number of years that is currently needed in order to become a refined doctor with an MD / MS degree.
    • Maintaining a Standardized Exam, What most of us fear under NEXT for MBBS is, how a single standardized exam will be maintained all over India!
    • It Should Not be a Hurried Implementation, with the proposed implementation time of 3 years, the internal framework should be so strong that hassle-free implementation of the same is assured.


With the dissemination of the above information about the NEXT exam proposed by the government, I want every MBBS/Medical aspirant to become aware of it. Thank you for your time and you can get in touch with us about anything regarding this.  

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